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Accounting Services

Today’s accounting rules are complex for both public and private business entities. Carrollton Partners has the knowledge to assist your organization with navigating your financial situation to support your business success story.

Do you need to write a new chapter? If it is time to rethink your business’ needs, our accounting services work with you to understand your business plan, and in today’s environment, to position you for growth.

We provide accounting services and information that allow you to concentrate on executing and growing your business. Carrollton Partners has the ability to assume the management of finance, accounting and/or administrative functions and can provide oversight to these important functions of your organizations by providing chief financial officer and comptroller roles for your group. Or, we will partner with your existing staff, accounting firm, legal counsel and banker for these services. Our team’s skill set in public company accounting and Sabanes-Oxley compliance will prove invaluable to your organization.

We offer a variety of finance and accounting support services to streamline and transform your business, including:
  • Accounting Department Checkup/ Transition Services
  • Accounts Payable Management & Processing
  • Accounts Receivable Management & Processing
  • Payroll Management & Processing Support
  • Cash Management & Reporting
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • General Ledger Maintenance & Account Reconciliations
  • Financial Reporting
  • Budget & Forecast Development
  • Expense Report Review and Processing
  • Billing Services
  • Cash Management
  • Management of Debt Covenants
  • Major Expense Analysis
  • Internal Controls Establishing and Managing
  • Accounting System Establishing and Maintaining
  • Shareholder Presentations
  • Manager Training for Understanding and Interpreting Financial Reports
  • Profitability Analysis for Products and Divisions
  • Capital Budget Monitoring
  • Special Report Preparation for Investors
  • Accounting Rules and Regulations Compliance
  • Trend Tracking & Profitability Analysis
  • Financial Trend Analysis

Accounting Tips

»  Financial and transactional recording is essential for every business...a successful business gets the information to the reporting tools...start with a simple six month trend.

»  Collections routinely reverts back to the underlying customer contract or service in the revenue cycle...educate employees documentation matters in 90 days.

»  Managing the business routinely keeps the focus solely on "keep the lights on" vendors...communicating and setting expectations (good and bad) with all vendors works.

»  Outsourcing the parts or whole of an accounting/reporting services organization leverages experience and manages costs...let us help you!

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