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Start Up Services

If your business story includes starting a new venture, a relationship with Carrollton Partners can help you with the organization and implementation of best business practices. We help your firm overcome the barrier of accessing necessary capital or operational knowledge that is crucial for growth.

Our confidential services can help develop and refine business plans, identify sources of capital and develop strategies to support growth and profitability. With our previous experience with both public and private companies, we know how to identify and secure the appropriate source of funds for your business venture. Our staff will use their experience and relationships with lending institutions to help you identify the right financial formula. Our knowledge of economic trends and industry and market conditions also helps position your new venture for success.

We offer a comprehensive array of services to meet your goals:
  • Feasibility studies to determine whether a given venture should be attempted
  • The preparation of the business plan for the first round, and subsequent rounds of investment and operations
  • Determining optimum debt and equity ratios and developing a financial plan
  • The development of an operational plan to get the project up and running
  • Development of prospective funding sources for both debt and equity
  • Preparation of project evaluations for both pre- and post investment analysis
  • Planning investor and owner exit strategies


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Client Testimony...

"Our goal at Carrollton Partners is to leverage the many years of experience in dynamic companies and ventures to position you for the future. My belief in establishing a foundation of governance, reporting and operational discipline, positions a start-up company for success from day one." ~ Rick Leimbach

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